I wouldn't show skin: Karan Johar
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I believe in beautiful things....





First Soham left Karan Johar, then Nikhil Advani. Now KJo has caught director Tarun Mansukhani in a water-tight contract

Aditi Jayakar Kane

Karan Johar seems to have learnt his lesson. After having trouble with his earlier directors, Nikhil Advani and Soham, moving out from his production house abruptly, we hear that Karan thinks it's time he treads more carefully now.

According to sources, the director has signed a unique contract with Tarun Mansukhani who is the director of his next film. Sources say that the contract, which will last for seven years, will ensure that Tarun will not be allowed to work with any other producer for that period.

Although the terms of this contract seem rather strict, the news seems believable in the light Karan's past record with his directors. After directing Kaal for Karan, director Soham Shah left Dharma Productions, citing the reason that he couldn't wait any more for his next project to take off. Nikhil Advani also left Karan for Sunil Manchanda's Orion Pictures soon after his superhit film Kal Ho Na Ho.

After these two experiences, it is understandable that Karan doesn't want to leave anything to chance with his new directors. Incidentally, Tarun has been in Karan's camp for a long time. He was an assistant director in all of Karan's films (except Kaal). Tarun has also acted briefly in a song in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Tarun had left Karan's Dharma Productions and joined Pritish Nandy Communications for a short while after Kal Ho Na Ho. But, he returned to Dharma after failing to find suitable work in PNC. However, Karan has not forgotten this little deviation in Tarun's path and is now resorting to a legal contract to ensure a smooth working relationship.

When we contacted him, however, Tarun said shortly, "Do you think anyone will sign a seven-year contract? I have signed a standard three-film contract with Karan. I can't reveal any more details, please."


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Interview vom 11.03.07

Have never laughed as much during an interview. KJO does that to you. He's motor-mouth, he's funny, he's cool, and he's wicked when he wants to be. It was Karan who created the monster called the 'Rapid Fire Round', and it's time someone gave the mad doctor a taste of his own bitter medicine. We met Karan Johar for koffee (lemon tea, actually) at his office in Khar. The famed Lie-o-meter (Beep, Beep!) is in place, and so is the alluring gift hamper. Come, let's go hard and fast at the Queen of Bitchdom.

K3G or KANK?
K3G. It's a better film. K3G was long, KANK felt long.

But you broke new ground with KANK.
I broke marriages as well!

Who would you like to take to dinner? Kajol or Rani?
Kajol; I met Rani last night.
* Beep, beep!
Okay, Rani, because she's not married. Kajol doesn't go out without her husband at night.

Salman or Vivek?
Salman. Have known him longer, have worked with him. Also, he is funny.

Salman is more interesting.
Yes, he has a great sense of humour.

Salman or John?
Salman. He's a bigger star, I like bigger stars. I get turned on by success.

Sindhis or Punjabis?
Sindhis all the way. Grew up on sai bhaji. Also, my maternal influence has been stronger. I can't even speak Punjabi despite all the depictions in my films.

Nikhil Advani or Farhan Akhtar?
(Thinks.) Farhan.

Nikhil is your man, your protégé.
He was my protégé. Farhan is a friend.
Old Don or new Don?
Old Don. First action film I saw.
* Beep, beep!
Okay, I liked Zeenat Aman.
* Beep, beep!
For me, Don will always be Zeenat Aman.

It's a cop out. You want to keep Big B and SRK happy.
I love Zeenat Aman.
* Beep, beep!

Big B in KBC or SRK in KBC?
Me on Koffee with Karan, blow the lie-o-meter Anil, you are not getting an answer.
* Beep, beep!

You are going to lose this game.
Eight out of 10 is okay. Both are family, I can't choose between them.
* Beep, beep!
I enjoy watching SRK more, but Mr Bachchan gave a lot of dignity to the show. It's a tough question!
* Beep, beep!
You are pushing me to it. I am not giving you an answer.

You just lost the gift hamper.
It's a tragic loss to me. Next question! (Laughs.)

In their relationship, who is luckier: Ash or Abhishek?
Abhishek is luckier. Ash is a rare combination of beauty and dignity. She's not that lucky. He's luckier to have her.

Who'd make a better bride: Ash or Karisma?
Ridiculous question. Not giving you an answer. There has to be a link between people.

You know the link.
Then I'll be the missing link and not answer this question. (Laughs.)

Hrithik or Abhishek?
(Thinks for a long time.) Tough choice.
* Beep, beep!
(Almost pleading.) Can we come back to this later?

The most full-of-himself filmmaker?
Ram Gopal Varma. We like to poke fun at each other.

The most over-rated filmmaker?
Me. æBeep, beep! The ones I think are over-rated do no exist in my dictionary. So I don't want to give them importance.

Whose dimples you like more:
Preity or SRK?
SRK. You want to hear that, don't you?

For an in-house film's music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy or Rehman?
Shankar Ehsaan Loy. I love them more.

But Rehman is God.
He is? I am sure he is. (Smiles.)

The most over-rated actor?
(Thinks hard.) I have only worked with great actors.
* Beep, beep!
(Thinks harder.) Okay, I can't answer that… though there are three or four names floating in my head. (Laughs loudly.)

Who will you gift the book 'Beating women is wrong' to?
I don't know anybody who beats women.
* Beep, beep!
I really don't know.

Who will you gift the book 'The Importance of Safe Sex to Avoid Accidental Babies' to?
(Thinks.) Who's had an accidental baby? (Pauses suddenly)… Oh! (Then laughs.) I'd give the book to anybody in the younger generation.
* Beep, beep!
It's an unfair question! I only push the envelope on my show, you are tearing it!

Who will you gift the book 'How to handle rejection in love' to?
(Thinks long.) Can we come back to this later? Next question!
* Beep, beep!

The most burnt-out filmmaker?
I think burnt-out is not a nice word. But I do think Ram Gopal Varma should make one film in a year.

KANK failed because Indian audiences aren't mature. Yes or no?
Not immature, they are in denial. But if there are four million who didn't get it, there are two million who did. And I know the breed of that two million that will grow with time. But yes, I was shattered when the film didn't work, I was broken from within. I thought it will win film of the year award.

Will gift a pack of Viagra to?
To myself. I suffer from performance anxiety. And Viagra didn't help.

So you tried it out?
Yes, I did once.

Was it with a woman?
No. It was on my own. It didn't work.

Er, you need a partner for best results…
You can operate individually too!

Will gift a shot of Botox to?
(Thinks hard.) My mother!
æBeep, beep!
Why did I agree to do this interview!

Rate Salaam-e-Ishq on a scale of 1 to 10.

That's good?
Five is good? (Smiles mischievously.) Maybe!

Do you regret Kaal?
Yes, it is a film I should not have made. The only time I got scared in Kaal was when I didn't get scared! And I am usually petrified by horror films.

Do you crave critical appreciation?
I am petrified of criticism, I like to see four or five star ratings for my films.

If a young hot girl agreed to sleep with you for a role…
No. I don't agree with the process.

If a young hot guy agreed to sleep with you for a role…
I said I don't agree on the process. And now you're treading on a territory you shouldn't!

One guest you found most boring on Koffee.
(Thinks.) Not bored, I was challenged once. The Sunny Deol show. I was very nervous. I didn't want to offend him at all; I was worried he might slap me. I was really scared.

Bachchan or SRK?
Can't choose between families. æBeep, beep!
I'd say Shah Rukh, for he is the reason I am a filmmaker. He was there for my father when he was going through a bad phase. He was there for me when I didn't have a career. He's the elder brother I never had. Though Bachchan is family too.

Bachchan as an actor or SRK as an actor?
How can you ask that question?
You don't choose between legends.
æBeep, beep!
I am not answering. I don't care if I don't win your hamper.

Why you will never marry…
Marriage doesn't interest me. I am happy, I don't want to marry.

It's normal for a man to marry.
Is it?

Is it because you are not attracted to women?
I don't think you should go down that path, it's too personal. I am saving it all for my book.

(Mumbai Mirror)
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It’s Brand ‘Karan Johar’!

A lot has been written, debated and disputed about stars and brands. And our bevy of stars being brands themselves. But rarely does one find a filmmaker being a brand himself. We have one such in our very own Bollywood. Brand ‘Karan Johar’. Well, recently KJ was invited by New York University to give a lecture on Bollywood. Obviously knowing KJ’s on-stage repartee skills and knack for arresting everyone’s attention while he talks, he obliged. Not only did he leave a houseful of students stunned by his speech, he was even labelled ‘Brand Ambassador of Bollywood’. Now if he’s come back with his collar turned stiff and high, we can’t blame KJ. Can we?



 Fardeen in Karan Johar’s next?
by Debasis Jana

Almost a decade, Fardeen Khan has been in the film industry since his debut in ‘Khushboo'. But Fardeen has not played in any Yash Raj films yet. In a recent interview, when asked about that, Fardeen was more than glad to inform that he will soon be seen in country's another biggest production house Dharma Production's next venture. The head honcho of Dharma Production, Karan Johar is Fardeen's close friend. “Karan has approached me for one of his next,” said Fardeen in a recent interview. However Fardeen refused to divulge anything more about the film. “It's in very primary stage. I don't like to comment at this stage,” said Fardeen. Though at present he has no offers from Yash Raj Films, but good news is that Fardeen has been roped in for ‘Kaante' sequel. Sure Fardeen is raring to go.


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KJo's gone from flab to fab

Karan Johar lost 7 kgs recently. He pulls up his denims (which hang loosely on him now) and tells us how he did it

Sandipan Dalal

Of late, Karan Johar has been sporting a lean look. The filmmaker has actually knocked off seven kilos in a month, after following a workout regime coupled with a salad-heavy diet. Karan says that he had put on a lot of flab during the making of Kabhie Alvida Naa Kehna, and Koffee with Karan was more than a reason for him to hit the gym. "Honestly, I couldn't handle my love handles any more. Also, I wasn't too pleased with a round plum-like face during the first season of the show," he says.

Talking about his health routine, Karan informs that cardiovascular exercises didn't prove to be beneficial in his case as much as weight training did. "Cardiovascular exercises hardly helped. It was only when I started weight training that I managed to lose all the extra kilos. Also, I realised that one's eating habits play a major role. I don't really indulge in chocolates but eating a balanced diet is very important. All thanks to my trainer Vrinda," he says, pulling up his denims which hang loosely on him now.

His trainer Vrinda Mehta says, "Not matter how much you work out, results won't be seen if you go wrong with the food." Vrinda, who also trains the Bachchans, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Konkona Sen Sharma and Farah Khan, reveals that the filmmaker's sincerity has actually worked for him. "In spite of travelling so much, Karan manages to lead a disciplined life. No trainer has a magic wand that can be put to use," she says.

The filmmaker says that he has no intentions to sport bulging muscles and washboard abs though. He says, "Sporting a macho look with pumped up muscles et al is the last thing on my mind."


* Breakfast: Cereal, milk, a brown bread toast, cup of coffee

* Mid-morning meal: Yoghurt/ butter milk

* Lunch: Salad, vegetables, dal, chapatti/ brown rice

* Evening snack: Cup of coffee, soya nuts

* Dinner: Salad, vegetables, dal

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Sunny’s ‘flight’ of fancy for Karan?

These two Bolly-boys are hardly ever seen together. On-the-sets, off-the-sets, at parties or at filmi dos. Well, the fact is Sunny da Deol is never seen around anywhere anyways, except on screen. Not only is he media-shy, he doesn’t quite believe in networking, socializing and partying is a big No (yeah, with a capital N). He’s a complete home-bird hubby. So we wonder what conversation can transpire between Sunny and media’s favourite boy, and so very amicable - Karan Johar. Well, recently the two were surprised seeing each other on the same flight from London to Mumbai. From what we hear, they were bonding, chatting and killing all those long hours up in the air. Of course, KJ was doing most of the talking, and Sunny couldn’t stop his heavy throttled laughter. We wonder if KJ has ever thought of working with the Punjab da puttar - it’s kinda hard to imagine that. But you never know where one’s ‘flight of imagination’ can take them. Right, Karan?

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 From NYU to Harvard, Karan is Bollywood's brand ambassador
Subhash K. Jha [Tuesday, February 27, 2007]

Mumbai, Feb 28 (IANS) Karan Johar is taking his newly discovered role as Bollywood's academic ambassador very seriously. The director was last week invited to lecture 500 students at New York University and says the response was "overwhelming".

"The subject was Bollywood and its popular culture. It isn't so much about what I said to them as what they asked me. I suddenly realised how far Bollywood was reaching out. They no longer ask questions about the song-and-dance aspect of Bollywood," Karan told IANS.

"The western hemisphere is waking up to the vast possibilities of our cinema. And it's amazing to hear how much insight the American students could provide me about my cinema. I think the time for Bollywood has arrived now."

Apparently, Karan is now being booked for Bollywood lectures in several cities in the US.

"I enjoy these interactive sessions. And I don't mind talking on our cinema as long as it doesn't interfere with my main work, which is making movies. In any case making movies and taking them to the maximum number of people go hand in hand."

Next month, Karan will lecture on his favourite topic to students at Harvard.

"That's as academic as it gets," he laughed.


When Karan meets Kareena!
by Debasis Jana

When Karan meets Kareena!

What did Kareena and Shahid do when they met Karan Johar for coffee at the Café Basilica?
Bitched, of course! Kareena and Karan shot for an ad film at a suburban studio in Mumbai recently. Now that they are back to being friends; they all met for a chat and they bitched about you know what – Nikhil Advani and his big boo-boo, ‘Salaam-e-Ishq'.
We also heard Karan is seriously contemplating about Kareena to cast her in one of his forthcoming films, however that's different story.



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