Sunny’s ‘flight’ of fancy for Karan?

These two Bolly-boys are hardly ever seen together. On-the-sets, off-the-sets, at parties or at filmi dos. Well, the fact is Sunny da Deol is never seen around anywhere anyways, except on screen. Not only is he media-shy, he doesn’t quite believe in networking, socializing and partying is a big No (yeah, with a capital N). He’s a complete home-bird hubby. So we wonder what conversation can transpire between Sunny and media’s favourite boy, and so very amicable - Karan Johar. Well, recently the two were surprised seeing each other on the same flight from London to Mumbai. From what we hear, they were bonding, chatting and killing all those long hours up in the air. Of course, KJ was doing most of the talking, and Sunny couldn’t stop his heavy throttled laughter. We wonder if KJ has ever thought of working with the Punjab da puttar - it’s kinda hard to imagine that. But you never know where one’s ‘flight of imagination’ can take them. Right, Karan?

1.3.07 11:33

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