It’s Brand ‘Karan Johar’!

A lot has been written, debated and disputed about stars and brands. And our bevy of stars being brands themselves. But rarely does one find a filmmaker being a brand himself. We have one such in our very own Bollywood. Brand ‘Karan Johar’. Well, recently KJ was invited by New York University to give a lecture on Bollywood. Obviously knowing KJ’s on-stage repartee skills and knack for arresting everyone’s attention while he talks, he obliged. Not only did he leave a houseful of students stunned by his speech, he was even labelled ‘Brand Ambassador of Bollywood’. Now if he’s come back with his collar turned stiff and high, we can’t blame KJ. Can we?



 Fardeen in Karan Johar’s next?
by Debasis Jana

Almost a decade, Fardeen Khan has been in the film industry since his debut in ‘Khushboo'. But Fardeen has not played in any Yash Raj films yet. In a recent interview, when asked about that, Fardeen was more than glad to inform that he will soon be seen in country's another biggest production house Dharma Production's next venture. The head honcho of Dharma Production, Karan Johar is Fardeen's close friend. “Karan has approached me for one of his next,” said Fardeen in a recent interview. However Fardeen refused to divulge anything more about the film. “It's in very primary stage. I don't like to comment at this stage,” said Fardeen. Though at present he has no offers from Yash Raj Films, but good news is that Fardeen has been roped in for ‘Kaante' sequel. Sure Fardeen is raring to go.


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