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First Soham left Karan Johar, then Nikhil Advani. Now KJo has caught director Tarun Mansukhani in a water-tight contract

Aditi Jayakar Kane

Karan Johar seems to have learnt his lesson. After having trouble with his earlier directors, Nikhil Advani and Soham, moving out from his production house abruptly, we hear that Karan thinks it's time he treads more carefully now.

According to sources, the director has signed a unique contract with Tarun Mansukhani who is the director of his next film. Sources say that the contract, which will last for seven years, will ensure that Tarun will not be allowed to work with any other producer for that period.

Although the terms of this contract seem rather strict, the news seems believable in the light Karan's past record with his directors. After directing Kaal for Karan, director Soham Shah left Dharma Productions, citing the reason that he couldn't wait any more for his next project to take off. Nikhil Advani also left Karan for Sunil Manchanda's Orion Pictures soon after his superhit film Kal Ho Na Ho.

After these two experiences, it is understandable that Karan doesn't want to leave anything to chance with his new directors. Incidentally, Tarun has been in Karan's camp for a long time. He was an assistant director in all of Karan's films (except Kaal). Tarun has also acted briefly in a song in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Tarun had left Karan's Dharma Productions and joined Pritish Nandy Communications for a short while after Kal Ho Na Ho. But, he returned to Dharma after failing to find suitable work in PNC. However, Karan has not forgotten this little deviation in Tarun's path and is now resorting to a legal contract to ensure a smooth working relationship.

When we contacted him, however, Tarun said shortly, "Do you think anyone will sign a seven-year contract? I have signed a standard three-film contract with Karan. I can't reveal any more details, please."


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